New Song is supported financially by the generous giving of our regular attendees and those from around the country who believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is being truthfully and accurately presented. They recognize the value of promoting and supporting this ministry because this kind of preaching and teaching is rarely found in many cities throughout our country and the world. To those who have been compelled by the Spirit to give we want to say “Thank You”!


Aside from utilizing mail and “in-person-giving” we offer you the opportunity to give “online”…you may give a onetime offering or set up a weekly or monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account.


Giving is a very personal act of a devotional life and relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father through the Holy Spirit. Please take time to ask Him what He would have you give before committing to an amount. Our faith is joined with yours trusting that the Holy Spirit will help you determine what the will of our Lord is concerning your financial gift to Him through this ministry.


Once again…Thank You!


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