How Do I Meet People?


Covered Dish

About once a quarter (or when ever it just feels “right”) New Song comes together in our newly remodeled “Fellowship Hall” for one of our famous “Covered Dish” luncheons (Typically right after church)! The food…the fellowship…the fun…you gotta come and get it! Watch for the announcement and dates on our website! (Go to our “Calendar” for information)


Righteous And Destined…that’s what we believe of our 4th -6th grade kids! We’re going after this critical age group to help posture them for the intensely difficult time of Jr. High or Middle School.


New Song has a vibrant and animated group of Married couples. Typically they meet once a month. Keep watch for the upcoming events and times!


Tribe is New Song’s  7th – 12th grade group. This group meets and discovers ways to experience God and grow in faith during a crucial period in teen years.